Crossroads: A Beacon of Light

                 A hand up, a gift of hope. This has always been the mission of Crossroads of Michigan. Of course we aim to provide many other necessary resources to the members of our community, but the largest and most over-arching of all of these services remains the hope that we proved. But what does hope look like and how can it be measured? To answer that question, nothing speaks louder to the success of Crossroads than the very people whose lives the organization has managed to change.

“Crossroads has been a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel”

     Victor McFadden exclaimed. Victor is one such success story that is a testament to the positive work Crossroads has done in helping clients get on their feet. Like many, Victor found himself without a job in 2009 when Chrysler was forced to downsize due to bankruptcy. Victor recalls the difficulty of trying to get a job in a shrinking economy. “I kept thinking, I’ll find another job. But one year lead to another, and I was not finding the type of job I was wanting,” Victor said. “That’s when I came to Crossroads.”

“Crossroads had taken an interest in me.”

               Crossroads hired Victor while he continually searched for a job, providing him the support he needed to continue the fight. After about six months, Victor submitted his resume at a workshop for Henry Ford. Within a week, the company was calling Victor with hopes for an interview, and hiring him thereafter.

  But of course, Victor has not been the only one. The employment office at Crossroads is another one of the many resources that we provide to our clients to assist them in finding jobs. By equipping our clients with computers, printers, and fax machines, Crossroads assists people in situations much like Victor’s, helping them search job openings, build resumes, and prepare for interviews. Additionally, the office will even provide the necessary transportation to and from the interview to further enhance the success rate of our clients.

              The man in-charge behind the buzzing computers and fax machines is none other than Frank Wilson, another former client of our organization.

 “Crossroads has been very good to me, I began as a client here myself.” Frank said. Frank was another member of our community who felt the sting of the 2008 recession. Frank came every-day to utilize the resource room in search of applications until we took him on to help manage the employment offices. Now he spends his time helping others get access to the equipment they need to get started finding that new gig.

              Victor and Frank are both active members of the Crossroads community, and vital to the success of our mission. It is the same hope that was given to them in their time of need that they now bring to others. By equipping clients with the right tools, a devoted staff, and a powerful message, Crossroads can offer a hand up to all.

              “Anything you need they are here for you. You never think you would be put in a situation where you would need them, I know I didn’t. But I am so glad they were here for me.” 

Victor McFadden


The employment offices at Crossroads of Michigan are open five days a week until 3 p,m., Mon-Thur, and until 12 p.m. on Friday. For more information, visit us at or call 313-831-2787.