Spotlight: Identification Services

Crossroads of Michigan – Identification Services

The mission of Crossroads of Michigan goes beyond the soup kitchen. Though it is an invaluable resource to the community, the necessity doesn’t stop there. Over the years, Crossroads of Michigan has expanded their programming into social services to meet their clients needs. One large undertaking of the organization is to assist clients in attaining proper identification such as Michigan State ID cards and birth certificates. Among many reasons for the necessity of these types of identification is so that clients can find jobs or qualify for training. Another main reason is that birth certificates are required for every family member by the federal government do acquire subsidized housing. The cost for this need is high, last year Crossroads of Michigan spent $41,530 on this process of helping clients purchase identification.

Crossroads of Michigan is always open to working with clients. More information on this project and other programs are available on their website ( Appointments are held at the Crossroads of Michigan office at 2424 W. Grand Blvd, Detroit. Appointments can be made for next day, Monday through Friday, through 313-831-2000.

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